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Information about the route London - Pisa

Average price £125
Duration 2 hours and 10 minutes
Cheap month July
High season March
Best getaway departing: Tuesday, returning: Wednesday
Distance 727 mi
Best time to buy 30 days in advance

Cheapest airlines on route London - Pisa

Code Airline % Searches % being the cheapest
FR Ryanair 97.3 80.4
U2 EasyJet 89.9 18.0
CL Lufthansa Cityline 1.8 17.0
CT Alitalia CityLiner 4.8 8.0
AZ ITA Airways 5.7 4.4
EN Air Dolomiti 6.9 3.6
LH Lufthansa 77.1 2.1
BA British Airways 74.6 2.1
W6 Wizz Air 9.3 1.7
EW Eurowings 9.6 1.2
Overall ranking and explanation

Frequently asked questions about flights London - Pisa

How long is the flight from London to Pisa?

A flight from London (LON) to Pisa (PSA) takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. The return from Pisa to London is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

How far is London from Pisa?

Pisa is 727 mi away. away from London.

Which airlines have direct flights from London to Pisa?

The airlines with direct flights from London to Pisa are: British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair.

In which month can you find the lowest prices from London to Pisa?

The cheapest month to fly from London to Pisa is July.

In which month do plane tickets from London to Pisa reach higher prices?

The most expensive time to fly from London to Pisa is March.

What day of the week is it cheapest to fly from London to Pisa?

The cheapest day to travel from London to Pisa is Tuesday.

How far in advance is it advisable to book a flight from London to Pisa?

To get the best price from London to Pisa it is recommended to book 30 days in advance.

Route price statistics

  • Minimum price: £131
  • Average price: £131
  • Maximum price: £131

Data calculated from 1 searches performed during the last 365 days

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Pisa, Italy

Has a population of 109,000 residents. The official currency is the Euro (€). The main touristic attractions are Domus Mazziniana, Museo della Grafica, National Museum of San Matteo, Palazzo Blu, Santa Maria della Spina, Borgo Stretto, Gipsoteca di Arte Antica, Royal Palace National Museum, Pisa, Collezioni egittologiche dell'Università di Pisa and Museum of Physics Instruments of Pisa. The closest airports to the city center are Pisa, Florence Airport, Peretola (65 km) and Siena-Ampugnano. Trabber offers in Pisa 91 hotels for the visitors of this city in Italy.

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